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We're helping build the future we want to live in


We’re an independent firm without plans to sell out or get acquired. We’ll be here for our clients and our teammates for decades to come.

Our focus is Community, Places & Mobility

Founded in 2020, Urbe Studio brings 20+ years of experience integrating placemaking and mobility with broader land use, urban design, community engagement, and comprehensive planning goals.


At Urbe Studio, we're doing things a little different. We're a remote-first team, inspired by the desire for a more balanced, fulfilling way to work and live. We’re living proof that this way of working is the future, not a fad.

We're watching the trend - take a peek at The State of Remote Work 2023




Inclusivity, open-mindedness, and diversity

We're a team of one for now, but we collaborate with men and women of every color, gay and straight, religious and atheistic. Our remote-first approach tries to be borderless in every way - we believe that this way of working is the future.


Taking care of ourselves and each other

We're team players and operate on an audaciously ambitious level. But we recognize that ambition without balance isn't sustainable. If we achieve our goals, but we've burned ourselves out in the process, then we've failed. That's why we endeavor to create a workplace that both challenges and supports us - one that lets us live extraordinary lives.

Empowering people to live fulfilling lives

We strive to support teams and initiatives that align with our values of ambition and balance. Our mission is to help build the future we want to live in. One where people can work without distractions on things they're passionate about, and then unplug at the end of the day with the peace-of-mind that their tasks and teamwork are accounted for.

Making long-term decisions, even if they're harder

At Urbë Studio we're running a marathon, not a sprint. This means that we often choose the hard solution that will get us where we want to go in years from now, rather than the easy, short-term option. We embrace this challenge and push ourselves to take risks when thinking in the long-term.


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Fabian De La Espriella

I think of myself as a change agent, and what I do in my profession often results in bringing change to cities. People are shifting to favor community over congestion, urban living over sprawl, and making choices to improve quality of life. As a professional with a design and planning background, I am interested in advancing initiatives to make cities better places to live.

Fabian De La Espriella, AICP

Fabian is the Principal at Urbe Studio. With over 20 years of public and private sector experience, Fabian has focused his career on livable transportation projects that create community-supported solutions for redeveloping suburban and urban environments. Fabian has managed or played a key role in many corridor and area planning initiatives focused on creating vision plans that integrate land use, urban design, and transportation interventions with policy and market realities. He has worked on unique and relevant projects in both the public and private sector, bringing broad experience and understanding in the planning and implementation of multimodal transportation projects. His project approach integrates community and stakeholder engagement as a cornerstone to the development of context-sensitive solutions. Through an integrated land use-transportation approach, he’s become very knowledgeable in projects involving pedestrian issues and walkability, street design and connectivity, traffic calming, placemaking, urban redevelopment and revitalization, and transit station area design and planning.

Prior to launching Urbë Studio, Fabian worked as a consultant for Glatting Jackson and Kittelson & Associates. Between 2012 and 2017 he also had the privilege to work as a civil servant for the City of Orlando and the Miami Downtown Development Authority. Fabian currently serves as the Chair of the Florida APA Gold Coast Section (Miami Dade and Monroe Counties).

Fabian holds a professional degree in Architecture from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and a Masters in Urban & Regional Planning with an emphasis in urban design from the University of Florida.




Elijah Wheeler

Transportation Analyst


Mateo Van Thienen
Planning & Transportation


Noelia Alvarez

Graphics & Storytelling


Camilo Lopez
Planning & Development Feasibility

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Micah Lynn
GIS & Data Analytics

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