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Better Places, Better life

Our talented and passionate team provide the following services:

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that healthy, engaged communities bring people together. Is our practice to meet and collaborate with residents and stakeholders so we can fully understand the needs and help our clients come up with innovative, practical and enduring solutions for their unique challenges. We are passionate about livable communities, and we bring this passion to every project.


  • Online engagement

  • Stakeholder facilitation

  • Facilitation of outreach activities in Hispanic communities (en español)

  • Community workshops

  • Public meetings

  • Webinars

  • Walking audits

  • Communication campaign strategy

  • Graphics & storytelling

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Placemaking & Visioning

We draw upon our versatility to balance physical, social and economic needs and create places of lasting value. We apply a context sensitive approach to every project. At Urbë Studio we understand that every urban initiative – both public and private – is influenced by surrounding physical, social and economic conditions. So, we work closely with jurisdictions and stakeholders to balance individual goals with the needs of the surrounding community. Through this process we come up with solutions that contribute to – and enhance – the overall quality of life.


  • Urban design & visioning

  • TOD planning

  • Tactical urbanism

  • Special area plans

  • Site planning

  • Development Feasibility

  • Downtown & neighborhood redevelopment

  • Implementation of quick-build projects

  • Regulations and design guidelines

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Transportation Planning / Sustainable Mobility
Transportation systems play a critical role defining the character of a community. In short, transportation systems are more than just ways to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible – they establish the functional framework of the built environment. We understand that the primary challenge of planning and designing transportation systems is to align a facility’s purpose with the community’s needs. At Urbë Studio, our transportation planning practice is focused on planning for multimodal infrastructure that meets the needs of all street users, with emphasis on people that walk, bike or take transit. Our goal is always to leverage transportation infrastructure investments to support broader community goals. We take pride in helping our clients plan and design transportation facilities that strike a balance between moving people and building sustainable, livable communities.


  • Multimodal corridor planning

  • Complete Streets alternatives development

  • Context-sensitive design solutions

  • Planning for bicycle and pedestrian systems

  • Livable streets strategies

  • Traffic calming / speed management

  • MMSA (multimodal mobility & safety assessments)

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