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Traffic Calming Community Engagement

Coral Gables, FL

Client/Project Owner:

City of Coral Gables


Completed in 2020

Fostering Community Support

After years of work, the City of Coral Gables provided traffic calming recommendations as part of the City’s Comprehensive Multi-Modal Plan completed in early 2019. To help facilitate the implementation of the traffic calming projects throughout the City, the city was divided up into five zones. Among the traffic calming treatments considered for Zone 1 are traffic circles, speed humps or speed tables, raised intersections, and pedestrian crossings.


While employed with Kittelson & Associates, Fabian provided planning support to City of Coral Gables Public Works Department staff coordinating and conducting a follow up community meeting with Zone 1 residents and stakeholders to debrief and share findings related to the proposed traffic calming improvements expected to be implemented in the upcoming year.

A public meeting was held in January 2020 at the Coral Gables Memorial Youth Center. The team conducted a presentation focused on providing an overview of the overall traffic calming program process and timeline; and covering the proposed traffic calming treatments and locations throughout Zone 1. As part of this process the team collected feedback and additional input from residents on the proposed treatments and locations. As part of this process, residents have voted through a ballot system on the preferred traffic calming treatments and the City continues to move forward with the design development of traffic calming recommendations.

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