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Signage & Wayfinding Implementation

Downtown Miami, FL

Client/Project Owner:

Downtown Miami Development Authority


Ongoing; expected completion in 2021

Intergovernmental Coordination to Implement Improvements

Miami’s Downtown’s future success depends on providing a variety of mobility/transportation options and the supporting infrastructure to sustain a highly mobile, accessible and connected urban core. The Miami DDA has been working with FDOT, Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami on the implementation of a comprehensive signage and wayfinding program. As Downtown continues to add major institutions to its offerings, the placement of approximately 300 signs will help direct people to prominent destinations and reduce congestion. Since 2011 the City of Miami executed a Local Agency Program (LAP) agreement with FDOT accepting a grant for the amount of $1 Million dollars for the implementation of the project.

While employed with the Miami Downtown Development Authority, Fabian acted as project manager and contributed to the coordination activities with FDOT and the various reviewing agencies to move the project through implementation. Efforts included continuous check-ins with FDOT's LAP coordinator, developing a scope of work and securing a consultant to complete a utility clearance certification in order to identify and mitigate potential conflicts associated with the proposed sign locations. Per FDOT requirements, the team had to make sure the design packet was meeting all conditions prior to securing a contractor through a procurement process for the installation of the proposed signs. The project is still ongoing, but the majority of the signage has already been installed along City and State roadways.



Project Management & Coordination

Livable Transportation

Community Engagement


Public Agency Coordination

Context Sensitive Design Solutions

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