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Downtown Orlando Action Plan
Downtown Orlando, FL

Client/Project Owner:

City of Orlando Downtown Development Board (DDB)




Developing a Master Plan for Downtown's Transformation

Project DTO 2.0 is a year-long effort which started in early 2022. The plan is focused on driving actionable changes to the streets, civic spaces, mobility options, and neighborhoods to promote a thriving downtown.


This action plan builds on DTO’s Vision Plan from 2015 - taking the themes and vision of a walkable downtown and crafting an accurate, grounded and implementable master plan. The scope of work for this project is grounded in three areas of study – Mobility, Urban Design and Land Use – and structured in a process that balances research, data, and design to create a transformative plan for Orlando’s Downtown Core.


Urbe Studio is participating on this project as part of the Perkins & Will team - providing support to the Spaces and Mobility teams through the proposed four phases outlined in the scope of work: Foundational Analysis, Strategies, Concepts, and Documentation. More information about the team HERE.

In early March 2022 the entire team gathered in Orlando to kick-off a Walkable City Audit - a process that allowed the team to conduct a block-by-block inventory of existing conditions. Since then, the team has been analyzing data and developing assessments at various levels to identify the planning core area's needs and opportunities. The team is currently consolidating strategies

Learn about the Principles

Learn about the Process

For more information visit Project DTO 2.0 Project Website

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Livable Transportation


Project Management & Coordination



Urban Design & Visioning

Livable Streets Strategies

Multimodal Planning

GIS / Data Analytics

Tactical Urbanism

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