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Fashion Square Mall Redevelopment Vision

Orlando, FL

Client/Project Owner:

City of Orlando


Completed in 2015

Aligning Redevelopment Potential and Community Vision

Getting the built form right is a key element in creating walkable places with character where people enjoy spending their time. After years of private neglect and disinvestment, the Fashion Square Mall is positioned to reestablish itself as a desired location in Orlando, FL. A redevelopment vision concept for the mall area and its immediate surroundings was developed to inspire and start conversations internally as well as with the property owners about the placemaking and connectivity opportunities available as the site goes through its regeneration process.

While employed with the City of Orlando's Planning Division, Fabian led this initiative by identifying needs and opportunities and developing starter ideas for the site. The objective was to craft a redevelopment vision aligned with City expectations for the area. Given its proximity to Baldwin Park and capitalizing on its prime location on Colonial Drive near Downtown Orlando, the City envisions this activity center to become a mixed-use village where locals can live, work and play.

The project team analyzed parcel ownership and developed a street framework that can support growth over time and maximize connectivity. The redevelopment vision included new multifamily residential, office, mixed uses and a hotel, but also maintained some of the existing retail anchors  as part of the redevelopment vision. 

Fashion Square Mall Redevelopment II.jpg
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Project Management & Coordination



Site Planning

Special Area Plans

Urban Design & Visioning

Context-Sensitive Design Solutions

Graphics & Storytelling

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