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Growth Management and Outreach
FDOT District 1

Client/Project Owner:

FDOT District 1



Improving Local Government Coordination for Better Integrated 

Land Use-Transportation Outcomes

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is investing in improving multimodal safety and access along its facilities. District One (D1) requested assistance from the consultant team for Local Government Engagement and Outreach Support to engage with local agency partners and provide land use recommendations around state facilities to ensure transportation facilities better align with local community visions, as established in their growth management plans.

As part of this task the consultant team provided technical assistance with the development of policy review memorandums for all twelve counties in the District. These reports reviewed a selection of county policies related to transportation and land use with the purpose of informing ongoing engagement with technical staff to enhance collaboration and partnership. The intent of these outreach efforts is to establish District 1 working relationships with local government and partner agency technical staff with the objective to foster early and regular discussion of upcoming land use changes that may have an ongoing cumulative effect upon the state roadway network.

These memorandum focus on three areas:

  • Specific policies in the County’s adopted local plans;

  • Primary funding mechanisms used for transportation improvements;

  • Identified high-growth areas of immediate and long-term concern.

Additionally, the consultant team developed a best practices technical memo and presentation to support District staff on their ongoing engagement activities and coordination with agency partners and other units within FDOT. This resource aimed at documenting strategies that advanced an integrated land use and transportation planning approach as well as leveraging and complementing existing FDOT initiatives and guidance.

Urbe Studio is supporting this task as part of the VHB team on an FDOT Districtwide Growth Management Contract supporting District One's Planning Studio.

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