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Okeechobee Blvd / SR-7 TOD Study

Palm Beach County, FL

Client/Project Owner:

Palm Beach TPA


Completed in December 2020

Identifying Opportunity for TOD

The Palm Beach TPA is evaluating multimodal transportation alternatives and transit supportive land uses along the Okeechobee Blvd/SR-704 and SR 7 corridors to provide continuous, safe facilities for all modes of travel. The 13.8 mile study corridor passes through the Village of Wellington, Village of Royal Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County.

This study is consistent with the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency’s (TPA) 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and Palm Tran 2017 – 2026 Transit Development Plan (TDP) Major Update. Okeechobee Boulevard is identified in the LRTP as a 561 Enhanced Transit Network corridor. Enhanced transit facilities were identified based on a thorough analysis of density, transit propensity, social equity, and existing and projected highest transit ridership corridors.


The purpose of the study included addressing multimodal transportation needs through context-sensitive solutions and developing a long-term corridor vision to establish a more walkable, bicycle-friendly, urban environment. This effort included the assessment of transit supportive land uses and explored the potential for economic development based on the transportation and transit alternatives developed for the study corridor. While employed with Kittelson & Associates, Fabian played the role of task manager and led the existing conditions analysis and the identification of station area TOD redevelopment potential along the study corridor. For each station area, land use and transportation conditions were reviewed to develop illustrative concepts of potential future land use scenarios. These scenarios were envisioned in mid-term and long-term timelines aligning public infrastructure investments by local municipalities to help stimulate long-term redevelopment opportunities.

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Congress Ave Station TOD Land Use Vision

Final Summary Report


Livable Transportation


Project Management & Coordination



Urban Design & Visioning

TOD Planning

Downtown and Neighborhood Redevelopment

Multimodal Planning

Graphics & Storytelling

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