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Polk City Vision & Action Plan

FDOT District 1 / Polk City, FL

FDOT District 1

Client/Project Owner:


Completed in 2023

Aligning Community Needs with Mobility and Safety Goals

The consultant team supported through this task the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District One, in partnership with the City of Polk City, Polk County, the Polk Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), and the Central Florida Regional Planning Council (CFRPC), as they considered necessary to update the Polk City Vision completed and adopted in 2014, through a community-based planning process.

The purpose of this planning effort was to confirm the community’s priorities and needs and seek consensus on how the community desires Polk City to look and function in the future. This process placed special emphasis on safety, multimodal enhancements, roadway and intersection improvements, and traffic calming measures. This Plan acts as a supplement to the 2014 Vision Plan for the City of Polk City.

This vision plan is a road map for Polk City to enhance safety conditions along FDOT roadways to improve livability and quality of life for its residents. The vision plan is built on the foundation of five themes:

  • Speed Management & Safety

  • Multimodal Access

  • Enforcement

  • Land Use

  • Inter-Agency Coordination

A community workshop was conducted by the consultant team in May 2023. During the workshop the project team provided a presentation that included a vision plan overview and an initial reporting of findings. The team facilitated break-out table activities with participants to obtain community input.

The process included an existing conditions analysis and provided near-term and long-term recommendations informed by public input and perspectives gained through engagement with the project stakeholders about the challenges, opportunities, and needs for the area.

The study focused on four key corridors:

  • State Road (S.R.) 33 from Mount (Mt.) Olive Road to Citrus Grove Boulevard

  • S.R. 559 from Interstate 4 (I-4) to S.R. 33

  • County Road (C.R.) 655 from Mt. Olive Road to S.R. 33

  • Mt. Olive Road from S.R. 33 to C.R. 655

Urbe Studio supported this task as part of the Landis Evans + Partners team on an FDOT General Planning Contract for District One’s Planning and Environmental Management Office (PLEMO).


Livable Transportation

Community Engagement

Project Management & Coordination


Community Workshops​
Multimodal Corridor Planning
Context Sensitive Design Solutions
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