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Regional Comprehensive Safety Action Plan

Broward County, FL

Broward MPO​

Client/Project Owner:



Improving Safety Through Safe Systems Planning and Design

The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO) recently received a $5 million Safe Streets and Roads For All (SS4A) grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The BMPO, in partnership with Broward County, is leading the development of the Broward Safety Action Plan (BSAP).

The Safety Action Plan is a joint commitment between the Broward MPO and Broward County to develop county-wide implementation strategies to prevent roadway deaths and serious injuries with an emphasis on underserved communities.
The vision of the BSAP is to achieve zero traffic fatalities and severe injuries in all of Broward County through action. This applies to drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, public transportation, micro-mobility modes and non-motor vehicle users.

The following BSAP objectives inform the development of this plan:

  • Committing to Zero. A data-driven plan to get to zero fatalities and serious injuries is anticipated to be adopted by regional stakeholders by June 2025.

  • Engage Regional Safety Leadership to Inform Plan.Equitable Public Participation and Outreach. Creation and rollout of a holistic and equitable Public Participation Plan (PPP) to reach the communities enduring the highest traffic safety challenges and impacts.

  • Transparent Tracking and progress. A public website will be created to document the on-going traffic statistics to measure the outcomes of this effort as well as to post all documentation for public use.

  • Policy Recommendations to Get to Zero. Through stakeholder engagement, policy review, and Vision Zero best practices, a listing of necessary recommendations and policy tools will be created.

  • Creation of a Prioritized Project Program. A project program will be identified by completing a safety analysis which will establish a High Injury Network and a Systemic Injury Network, then the team will prioritize those corridors based on identified metrics to meet the intent of the SS4A Grant.

An inclusive analysis of facilities, crash data, policies, and equity will be conducted. This process will provide low cost, high impact approaches such as region-wide safe speeds strategies, Complete Streets and Vision Zero policies, and deployment strategies for innovative technologies. Projects will be identified and prioritized as short- and long-term projects.

Urbe Studio is participating on this project as part of the WSP team supporting safe systems planning, multimodal infrastructure and community engagement tasks.


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