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City of Orlando Quick Build Guide

City of Orlando, FL

City of Orlando

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Completed in 2023

Setting the Framework for Creative Placemaking

Increasingly, communities are looking for ways to make the streets where people live, work, and play safer and more livable. People want streets that are safe to walk and bike along, offer places to meet people, link neighborhoods, and have a vibrant mix of uses to promote convenience and accessibility.

A new project delivery method called “quick build” lets cities and communities test and implement these improvements on a faster timeline, with less effort, and at a lower cost than traditional capital projects, which can be resource and time intensive. Quick build interventions help demonstrate the positive impacts and potential of new ideas. These 'proof-of-concept' projects have been used across the country to gauge support from residents and the general public for a longer-term project or City policy, and also send a message that change is possible by allowing creativity to provide for community desires and needs.

The City of Orlando is developing a quick build guide to provide information on how, where, when, and why to implement quick build projects. By making it easier for communities to improve their streets, this guide supports the City’s commitment to improving transportation safety and increasing choice and comfort for all people.

Quick build projects will naturally address different needs for different communities based on their roadway and user context. The guide sets the program to fulfill the following goals:

  • Increase safety by slowing speeds or reducing conflicts between users at intersections. Make our streets safer for all users.

  • Invite public use by increasing green or public space, adding plantings or landscaping, introducing public art, or providing seating or shade. Enhance community aesthetics and sense of place for a stronger local identity.

  • Improve business by increasing local foot traffic, enabling biking and walking connections, or providing additional seating. Support a stronger local economy within our city.

  • Improve travel options by increasing access to transit or providing new safe and comfortable walking and biking routes. Balance mobility and access to ensure convenient choices for everyone.

Urbe Studio is supporting this task as part of the Kittelson & Associates team on a General Planning Contract for the City of Orlando's Transportation Department.

For more information: Quick Build Project Guide Website


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