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Corrine Drive Corridor Vision Plan

Orlando, FL

City of Orlando

Client/Project Owner:


Completed in 2013

Setting a Vision in motion

In 2009, the Audubon Park neighbors joined forces to facilitate visioning sessions where residents and business owners developed a range of ideas and strategies regarding the future of the Main Street District and of the redesign of Corrine Drive between Forest Avenue and General Rees Avenue.

As part of an initiative within the City of Orlando Planning Division to set things in motion, a vision plan was developed to address on-going land-use/transportation needs along this corridor. While employed with the City of Orlando planning division, Fabian coordinated this effort and provided technical assistance in the development of this vision plan.

The proposed street section for Corrine Drive was redesigned to help “self-enforce” appropriate speeds, encourage desirable driving behavior, increase safety and comfort for people walking and biking, reinforce the district's local identity, improve aesthetics and support businesses in the area.

Some of the preliminary recommendations in the vision plan for consideration included:

  • Reduced number of travel lanes

  • Additional landscaped medians

  • Designated crossings with pedestrian refuges

  • Curb extensions/bulb outs (at intersections and mid-block between on-street parking spaces)

  • Additional street trees

  • Textured/colorized pavement treatments

  • Buffered bike lanes

  • Exploration of a modern roundabout at the intersection of Corrine Drive and Winter Park Road

Following the completion of this plan, and due to joint forces from community groups in the district requesting City leadership to take some action given the poor roadway infrastructure conditions and safety concerns, the City aligned resources to conduct a preliminary planning study to gather community input to get the planning process started.

Since 2013, the Corrine Drive project has had plenty of media coverage. Below, some of the coverage featuring this plan and reporting on the results of the latest planning efforts led by Metroplan Orlando:

"I Wish This Was... A Calmer Corrine" - Bungalower

"Plan for Corrine Drive Redesign is Released" - Bungalower


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