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Himmarshee Area Revitalization Plan

Preliminary Outreach

City of Fort Lauderdale Development Services Department

Client/Project Owner:


Completed in 2024

Identifying Needs and Opportunities for Project Positioning

The City of Fort Lauderdale Development Services Department is advancing preliminary outreach activities to incorporate public input into the early planning phase of a Himmarshee district revitalization plan.

The objective of this effort was to engage key stakeholder in the study area to help identify opportunities to enhance and revitalize Himmarshee Street and the Himmarshee (H-1) Historic District. The overall desire is to revitalize the area and attract development that complements the district's amenities and attractions. The City is looking to identify opportunities to enhance and revitalize this area, referred to for the purposes of this report as Himmarshee, through updates to the existing code, implementation of a more integrated streetscape and creation of design criteria to ensure new development is compatible with this district while maintaining and respecting the historic character of the area.

The scope items completed as part of this task included:

  • Project management and coordination with City staff;

  • Conducting one-on-one virtual discussions with key stakeholders;

  • Supporting City staff in the development of a communication strategy to drive attendance to open house;

  • Preparing presentation materials and informational boards for open house event;

  • Planning, attending and leading discussions at  interactive open house event;

  • Preparation of summary report and presentation with findings.

For more information go HERE

For the FINAL Summary Report go HERE


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Stakeholder Facilitation

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