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Downtown Lafayette Infill Strategy

Lafayette, IN

Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation (CityBus)

Client/Project Owner:


Completed in 2008

Planning for Transit Investments That Foster Redevelopment

Walkability is the cornerstone of an efficient and pleasant urban area’s ground transportation system. The Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation (CityBus) sponsored a study to develop a redevelopment strategy of the area surrounding their new Downtown transfer center. The approach focused on looking at the study area in a context-sensitive manner and developing concepts that would maximize the value of public infrastructure investments in order to leverage redevelopment opportunities.

The main objectives established for this study included:

  • Identify CityBus’ long-range vision for the transfer station and
    the surrounding areas;

  • Provide guidance on the re-design of the transfer center to accommodate existing operations and accommodating potential growth.

  • Provide recommendations and develop urban design studies of surrounding underutilized parcels that test the redevelopment potential of blocks within proximity to Riehle Plaza;

  • Help gain partner agencies, stakeholders and local neighborhood support for the new transit station design and proposed infill redevelopment strategy.

The redevelopment concepts and recommendations developed through this effort addressed placemaking, economic development, increased walkability and aesthetics, and maximized the potential of Downtown's public spaces for the enjoyment of the local and greater community. The transfer center plan and surrounding redevelopment strategy was developed through an interactive community-driven process. The process was designed to excite community leaders, serve stakeholder needs, and empower the public to take ownership and responsibility for the plan’s vision and continued implementation. Fabian led the engagement and urban design & visioning tasks for this project while employed with Glatting Jackson.


Livable Transportation

Community Engagement

Project Management & Coordination


Stakeholder Facilitation
Site Planning
Special Area Plans
Urban Design & Visioning
Downtown & Neighborhood Redevelopment
Graphics & Storytelling

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