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Infill Development Guidance

Orlando, FL

City of Orlando

Client/Project Owner:


Completed in 2015

Visualizing Code Provisions to Improve Quality of Development

As part of a city-wide ordinance update process on duplex and attached dwelling infill development, the City of Orlando Planning Division developed a draft guidebook to help city staff and applicants understand the various options and requirements to consider through the development approval process. Fabian led this task while employed with the City of Orlando. This guidance document was created as user-friendly toolbox that illustrates in a highly visual and form-based format, the desired regulatory updates.

Since duplex and townhome development are permitted in residential neighborhoods where these developments may often be adjacent or in proximity to single-family homes, the intent of the guidebook was to address specific elements to address neighborhood compatibility. Setbacks, parking, driveway widths, building placement & frontages and lot layout were some of the provisions addressed by the guidebook. These elements have often been a topic of concern by neighbors who perceive these types of infill development as intrusive within their communities. Planning staff has been using this guidance to walk developers through the desired regulatory modifications and the expected outcomes.


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