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Upper Napa Valley Technical Assistance

Town of Yountville and City of St. Helena, CA

Blue Zones, LLC​

Client/Project Owner:


Completed in 2024

Supporting Blue Zones Project Community Transformations

Blue Zones Project is a community-wide, evidence-based approach to improving health and well-being for everyone. Blue Zones Project engages people in activities that change mindsets and habits in lasting ways, ultimately transforming the places they live, work, learn, and play.

The Upper Napa Valley Blue Zones Project is in the process of implementing Marquee Projects in Yountville and St Helena, CA. Urbe Studio, as a frequent collaborator to the Blue Zones, LLC team, was retained to support the Upper Napa Valley Blue Zones Project local team developing walking maps and wayfinding & signage graphics to be used in the downtown core and nearby walking trails. This project is promoting walkability for the purpose of enhancing multimodal access, and supporting increased wellness for the residents of Yountville and St. Helena, CA.

For more information visit the Blue Zones Project Website


Livable Transportation

Community Engagement

Project Management & Coordination


Livable Streets Strategies
Graphics & Storytelling

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