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Community Assessment & Reporting

Client/Project Owner:

Blue Zones, LLC



Helping Communities Improve their Health and Well-Being

Communities across the U.S. are significantly lowering healthcare costs, improving productivity, fostering economic development, and enjoying a higher quality of life through the implementation of Blue Zones Projects. Fabian serves as Project Manager and Built Environment expert for the Blue Zones team supporting communities across the US to determine how to make these healthier places to live, work, grow up, and grow old.


The methodology involves a structured exploration of each community to learn and assess the state of well-being to then build a plan for community transformation. Blue Zones approach focuses on People, Places and Policy. During the Readiness Assessment phase, the team facilitates discussions to flush issues typically around the following sectors: Schools, Worksites, Engagement, and Community Policy. The team takes a deeper dive conducting sessions focused on the Built Environment, leading discussions centered around creating safer streets for youth and seniors, planning and zoning strategies for economic development and a variety of housing types, and strengthening the multimodal network for recreation, access, and healthy lifestyle purposes.


The goal of these engagements is to understand where the community has been, where it wants to go, and how Blue Zones can help accelerate their success. The assessment activities involve engagement with public agency staff, elected officials, public health experts, economic and community development advocates, and residents. Through this engagement process, the team identifies the highest priority strengths, challenges, and opportunities, and prepares an Community Assessment Report that serves as a foundation for the development of a community blueprint. These documents sets an actionable plan of short- and long-term strategies for increased economic vibrancy, environmental quality, and public health.

Marshall County Report
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University Campus Walking Audit

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Demographic Snapshot Data Summary Graphic


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